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  • Dr. Karen Holen

    Dr. Holen has a passion for health and wellness. She studied Nutrition at Penn State University, and Doctor of Chiropractic program at Life University in Marietta, GA. She is always committed to learning and certifying in new techniques to help her patients get better and stay healthy. She is certified in CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics), which helps to correct spinal imbalances. Dr. Holen is a certified extremity practitioner C.C.E.P. , she is full body certified in ART (Active Release Technique). Certified in animal adjusting through Options for Animals (six month hands on course). And is working on her diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology.  From infant to athlete and everything in between.Dr. Holen has taken the time to learn how to deal with complex biomechanical dysfunctions. To help you get back to the best you as possible.

    Dr. Holen has been practicing for over 19 years, she purchased her dream practice last year from Dr. Kosmyna.  Before moving to Michigan with her family, Dr. Holen started and ran two other successful practices. She opened her first practice in her home state of Pennsylvania in 2002 and ran that until 2012. She sold her practice and moved to Ohio practiced on her farm. There she was able to have the best of both worlds; enjoy being home with her kids and practice chiropractic. After being there for five years, she and her family decided to move to southeast Michigan for better opportunities for her children and absolutely love it here! In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, racing BMX , camping and exploring, cub scouts with her family. She is active in the Lions club of Clinton, and Clinton Woman’s Club.

    Chiropractic Extremity Certified Practitioner
    Webster Certification
    Hypnobirthing Practitioner
    Active Release Technique
    Trigger Point Therapy
    Animal Chiropractic – certified through Options for Animals

    Proficient in a variety of techniques
    Sports Rehab
    Postural Rehab

    Dr. Karen's Chiropractic Story
    At the age of 13 she was injured in a cross country jumping accident with her horse. After the accident, Dr. Karen, dealt with chronic pain in her right shoulder and right hip for years. She sought care to relieve her pain through conventional medicine but was told to just take Ibuprofen to mask the pain and when it got bad enough then surgery would be considered. During her high school years, she lived off pain relievers to get through track and field season and would experience numbness consistently in her right shoulder down to her hand when writing papers for school.  Four years had passed, the pain and numbness had never really subsided. Until a good friend of her recommended her to see her chiropractor. They took the time to explain how the body worked, and when pressure was relieved off the nerves. Then the body had the ability to heal itself. A simple concept, that totally made sense. Dr. Holen followed the treatment plan her chiropractors gave her and within a few months, she had no pain, numbness and had complete strength and mobility again in her arm and no pain in her hip.

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