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sports Sports are a way to keep you physically fit while having fun. And if you're in a competitive sport and like a bit of rivalry, sports might be right up your alley. However, it's possible to sustain an injury that can keep you off the field or even prevent you from caring for your family. At Holen Family Chiropractic, serving Clinton, MI, and the nearby region, Dr. Karen Holen can treat injuries and even offers preventative care. Some of the treatments can help you improve your game. 

Better Performance, Endurance, and Flexibility

When you visit our sports chiropractic specialist in Clinton, MI, you can improve your performance. Our practitioner will guide you through exercises that can help you increase your endurance and flexibility. Through our care, you can play better than you ever have. We should note that our practitioner may be able to give you a few pointers on how to enhance your physical ability. 

Prevent Injuries 

Our practitioner may also help you prevent injuries, which can allow you to keep on the field as much as possible. And you don't have to worry about your love for a sport affecting your work or home life due to an injury. 

Injury prevention with our chiropractor may consist of our chiropractor guiding you through exercises that enhance your flexibility and promote strength and endurance. By doing so, you'll be less likely to sustain an injury. 

Prevention will also include our practitioner giving you advice on how to reduce the prevalence of injuries in the future. 

Heal a Sports Injury 

Unfortunately, even if you take steps for prevention, an injury could still occur. And when you visit our sports chiropractic specialist after an injury, you can receive the proper treatment to ensure you heal properly and to the best of your ability, meaning you regain as much function and flexion in that body part as possible. In addition, this prevents the injury from worsening or becoming a chronic issue. 

During the treatment process, you'll undergo a comprehensive evaluation and may be given spinal adjustments, chiropractic exercise therapy, massage therapy, or various other treatments to help manage your pain and promote healing. The treatment approach you're given may consist of one or more treatments and vary based on your particular situation. They'll also change as you heal. 

At Holen Family Chiropractic, serving Clinton, MI, and the surrounding region, Dr. Holen provides care for athletes of all skill levels, whether they're avid or occasional athletes. While injury prevention is vital, our sports chiropractic practitioner is also available to help with your recovery if you should happen to sustain an injury.

As an athlete, Dr. Holen understands how important it is for the athlete to stay in top shape structurally and bio mechanically.  Regular chiropractic care that has an emphasis on rehab of the spine and extremities  will reduce injuries that may occur on and off the field.

She will  do a full evaluation, x-rays and thermography to access your problems and develop a program that will have your body back in balance.

Dr. Holen is the only chiropractor that is full body certified in Active Release Technique in Washtenaw and Lennawee County. Using ART in conjunction with chiropractic treatments reduces rehab time of the patient and helps keep the body balanced to reduce the risk of injury and improve sports performance.

Dr. Holen is available to help on the sidelines of your events.

She is certified

  • CCEP ( certified chiropractic extremity practitioner)
  • ART – Full Body

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